Calmergé is a free app that connects parents with teachers, helps keep children safe through the voluntary sharing of health and allergy information, and allows for easy snack scheduling.


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App Features!


Sharing of Allergy and Health Information

Parents may securely share their child’s allergy and health information with the teacher and anonymously with other parents using our patent pending feature. Calmergé will help protect your child from exposure to food allergens and help stop the spread of communicable diseases.


Communication Between Home and School

Parents may send messages directly to their child’s teacher. Teachers can respond to individual parents or send classroom announcements, including pictures, videos, and documents. Teachers may easily send individual daily updates about snacks eaten and naps taken.



Teachers may update the calendar with important dates, assign snack days, and will soon be able to create sign-up sheets. Parents can sign up to bring snacks and set reminders.


Free for Schools and Teachers

Calmergé is the only app of its kind that is completely free for schools and teachers to use without ads. Parents may use the app for free with ads or go ad-free for $2.99 per year.


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